TrueNet Tester Terms and Conditions

Version 1.0 - July 2010.

By agreeing to be a TrueNet broadband tester TrueNet and You agree to the following:

Our promise to you:

  • TrueNet will NEVER monitor any of your internet traffic. Your privacy is assured.
  • We will only monitor, but not record, the EXISTENCE of traffic on your network, for the exclusive purpose of finding gaps in traffic to run the TrueNet broadband tests.
  • We will never disclose any personal information about you, or even that you are a tester, without your express consent.  See the TrueNet privacy policy for further details
  • We will provide you performance reports showing the results of tests run from the TrueNet test router on your network, and provide you access to relevant average comparison reports so you can compare your performance with others.
  • We may update these terms and conditions at any time, but we will advise you of doing so.

Your promise to TrueNet:

  • The test router belongs to TrueNet and must be returned on demand (at TrueNet's cost).
  • You agree and understand that TrueNet testing will involve using some of my broadband data allocation up to a limit agreed by you.
  • If you change your plan or service provider you must advise TrueNet so we can update our records (you can edit your profile, but please advise us also).
  • You will not turn the test router or your Internet modem off at anytime, except to reboot network equipment if required.
  • You will not try to tamper with the test router, alter its configuration, attempt to log-in to the router or upload any software to the unit.
  • You will not publish your own test results that we will provide you, or any other averages and other charts that you are given access to as a tester.
  • If you have any concerns or experience any problems that you think are a result of the TrueNet test router, or anything else relating to TrueNet, you will contact TrueNet first so we can help resolve any issues.

These Tester Terms and Conditions, the General Registered User Terms and Conditions and the TrueNet Privacy Policy are to be interpreted according to New Zealand law and Jurisdiction.


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