Frequently Asked Questions by Volunteers

Will TrueNet be able to monitor my internet use?

TrueNet will never monitor your personal internet use or look into your browser history. We can't using this probe.

Will the testing affect my internet speed?

The probe tests the line for activity before performing any action, and will stop running if you are online using more than 0.1Mb/s.

How much traffic (data) will the TrueNet Test Unit use?

It will use however much you have allocated.  If you feel your use is increased and our testing may impact your data limit in any particular month, you are able to control testing levels by changing the allowance, the next test will be on the changed level, either increasing or decreasing according to your instructions.

Current monthly data limits for Truenet testing include 10, 30 or Unlimited GB/month.  Unlimited is approximately 56GB/month but we may raise that considerably without warning to run tests for various reasons.  We prefer you to be on an unlimited plan if you wish to choose this option.  Remember all tests are performed during quiet periods where traffic is less than 0.1Mb/s.

What Cities does TrueNet test?

Panelists are selected from all around the country, in cities andf towns, with about 20% rural locations and the rest Urban.  Here is a regional spread for interest

Can we test in Australia?

We have an ongoing need for a small sample of panelists in Australia.  We are keen to be able to publish comparisons with Telstra and TPG/iiNet.  If you would like to participate, please apply and we will sort out the difficulties you face due to our NZ focus.  You do get full access to our results for your probe, which includes live graphs of almost all tests your probe performs, compared to the average of all probes on similar connections.

How is the Probe Connected?

The probe is a bridged router, operating in ethernet mode. This means it looks on the network like a one-to-many ethernet cable, passing all your commands from your router through it to your computers, printers or other devices.

What tests do you run?

We measure how long it takes to download several small files and many sample websites.

We perform network diagnostics (ping, traceroute and DNS resolution) to several locations and we measure the amount of network jitter and delay that is present.

We measure video downloads, mostly every 5 hours.

What will TrueNet do with the Data?

TrueNet measures and reports on the performance of Broadband from a user's perspective.  Reports will be produced that provide a comprehensive view of the performance of Broadband services to show the differences between ISP's for a range of features as well as reports on the impact of distance from the local exchange for DSL customers.

What do I get from the service?

  1. Online reports showing your own connection performance in multiple views, daily, weekly and 4 weekly.  These reports show the continuous performance over the selected period, alternately they compare the hourly performance averaged out over the selected period (24 hour delay).   This enables you to see if you are getting the speed you are paying for. 
  2. Our probe has a premium "double reach" WiFi incorporated to encourage you to use it rather than your own.  This enables all traffic to be visible to the probe via the wifi so that the tests do not compete with your usage.  The probe tests pause on detection of any other traffic
  3. You get the satisfaction that you are influencing the improvements in Broadband performance and pricing competitiveness in New Zealand.

Are there any special conditions?

Just a few simple conditions;

  1. Your connection must be always left on to enable tests to be continuous
  2. For ADSL/VDSL testers, we need the modem to allocate IP addresses dynamically, ie DHCP needs to be on.  (this is the modem default mode)
  3. Volunteers are limited to one unit per household, to limit the impact of cross-talk from common sites.

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