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June Broadband Report - Telecom, Snap & Xnet Fastest

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Telecom, Snap and Xnet have exceeded TrueNet's “better than 95%” target for speed over the previous month, leading significant improvements to peak time performance across the board for ISPs compared to any previous month.

Vodafone gave up the top spot, falling from the previous month's 96% down a couple of points to 92%.

Orcon has been the biggest improver, moving from less than 80% of maximum available speed for customers in May, to almost reach the 95% standard this month.

Actrix appear on the table for the first time, and debuted at a commendable 92%.

Other notable improvers over this month include Slingshot, up from 87% to 90%, and TelstraClear, still trailing the rest of the field but up from 68% to 73%.

For the full range of technologies, Fibre is consistently the quickest, ahead of Cable and VDSL, with ADSL some way behind.

TelstraClear cable connections are consistently achieving better than the advertised 15Mb/s. During off-peak hours speeds reach 20Mb/s, and at peak demand times 15Mb/s speeds are maintained.

Wellington ISP Actrix is included in the webpage trial for the first time this month and is among the top performers, along with Vodafone and TelstraClear cable.


Get Involved

Help improve the speed of broadband access across New Zealand by participating in the TrueNet measurement program. Go to www.truenet.co.nz and visit the “Get involved” page; we have vacancies in the following areas.

Volunteer vacancies
  Auckland Hamilton Wellington Christchurch Dunedin Regions
Telecom         yes  
TelstraClear yes yes yes* yes* yes yes
Vodafone     yes yes yes  
Slingshot   yes   yes yes  
Orcon yes yes yes yes yes yes
Xnet yes yes yes yes yes yes
Snap yes yes     yes yes

* ExcludesTelstraClear cable connections, for which we have sufficient numbers. 

Volunteering takes little of your time and only 1GB per month of your data cap. It provides valuable data that helps ISPs identify issues, and improve the quality of service to their customers.

About TrueNet's measurements

TrueNet's measurements are drawn from 250 probes representing nine ISPS.

Copper lines are promoted as delivering the maximum available speed so TrueNet considers that, for copper lines, the minimum should be at least 95% of the maximum (measures include both ADSL and VDSL). 

TrueNet tests compare measurements each hour with the maximum speed achieved daily on each of our probes. The maximum speeds usually occur in the early morning; the minimum in the evening about 8pm when there is most congestion, as this is the time when most people want to use the Internet.

A complicating issue for website downloads is that the tests show a gap between some users and others on the same ISP. For example, Orcon has some probes reporting at 0.5s but the majority are slower than 1.8s.  Most ISPs have a few slow probes, but some have more than others, a problem that ISPs need to address if the same service levels are to be provided to all customers.  TrueNet is working with some ISPs to identify issues affecting these very large differences in performance.


Contact details

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