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July 2012 Broadband Report

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Orcon Spurred To Silver

A major improvement in Website download performance by Orcon, Slingshot and Snap on 11th July, resulted in changes to rankings this month.  With a full month of these improvements, the changes will be evident in next month's August Broadband Report.


TrueNet measures Speed by Time of Day to identify if ISPs are able to maintain speed at better than 95% of each ISPs peak speed - usually at 5am.
Orcon improved peak evening performance to become second to Xnet, a major improvement from almost last in TrueNet’s measurements this year up to May 2012.  

Apart from Orcon, speed results remain similar to those recorded last month. TelstraClear is still showing the worst performance during the evening, when many of their customers are at home and wanting to use the internet. 

Webpage Download Times

There were some significant changes to webpage download performance this month. Slingshot, Orcon and Snap improved while Telecom, Maxnet and Actrix all saw a drop in performance.  Further investigations by TrueNet revealed a marked improvement in performance across some of our probes on July 11.  

In spite of the improvements to our webpage download speeds, most probes still can’t match the expected time of 0.4 seconds. 

ISPs have more to do to improve the performance of a very large number of their customers.



Detailed Analysis

Before & After 11th July Change

On the 11th July a major change in performance was noted for many probes of four ISPs.  This is demonstrated by showing the performance of all probes of a single ISP.  The chart below displays the significant change around the 11th July for most probes, note the better performing probes had no change.

Before & After 11th July for All ISPs

The following two charts show the ISP download test times for the affected probes before and after 11 July (limited to probes that had more than 20 tests which took 3.6 to 3.8 seconds).  The vertical axis represents the frequency of results and the horizontal axis shows the time taken to download the page.  Both charts have the same axis to enable a comparison. 









For three ISPs (Slingshot, Orcon and Snap) many webpage download tests took almost 4 seconds prior to the 10th July.  After the 12th July, it appears they only improved to 2 seconds. Those results that are distributed normally about 0.4 seconds remained unchanged for all ISPs.

Almost 20% of tests took either 3.6, 3.7 or 3.8 seconds prior to 11th July and there were no tests with these times after.  The number of tests less than 1 second barely changed, but the tests around 1.6 seconds increased from just 15%  to 35%!  (adding all the results for 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 seconds)

They also show that Actrix, Telecom and Xnet have a similar problem with many of their tests taking 2 seconds. These results are still a long way from the expected download speed of 0.4 seconds.

Is the Problem a Chorus Issue?

Actrix probes demonstrate a more complex performance change which points to an issue also evident with three other major ISPs.

On the 5th July a significant increase in the webpage download time occurred for three of the 5 probes we monitor. On the 11th July they too showed a  similar improvement in speed to that of the three ISPs mentioned above.  Checking with Actrix, we were informed that the three probes were most likely changed from BUBA to EUBA by Chorus on the 5th July.  This resulted in a significant slowdown in speed which was only partially resolved by the improvement to Actrix and the three other ISPs above on the 11th July.

July results come from 160,000 tests of TrueNet's test webpage

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