About TrueNet

About TrueNet

TrueNet is an independent company dedicated to the accurate measurement and reporting of broadband performance.  A joint venture between two New Zealand experts: the open source IT experts of Catalyst IT and a company specialising in broadband reporting analysis, Jonette Consulting.

TrueNet was launched by the founders in July 2010 to fill a gap in the independence, accuracy and depth of monitoring and analysis of broadband services being offered to New Zealanders. The founders recognised that they were able to combine their skillsets to implement a highly usable and effective set of broadband tests.  These were intended to meet a regulators need to measure and influence broadband suppliers to provide a superior service, by providing consumers with usable information to demand and obtain better service.

Success for TrueNet is improving ISP performance to meet a competitive network performance challenge. 

TrueNet Mission

To contribute to and accelerate the movement towards a world class Internet broadband service.

Our Primary Activity

To collect data and provide information on the delivery of services of public communications providers to interest groups and the providers themselves.

We publish our results regularly on this website

We are contracted by the Commerce Commission to conduct the monitoring service for DSL and Cable services, deploy and manage the probes and provide data that excludes identification of volunteers

The Commerce Commission funds our effort to publish Monthly Reports.

We also sell the data to recoup expenses and provide for growth.  Privacy of our volunteers is paramount in our provision of data to anyone.

The Pledge

With the new Commerce Commission contract signed in August 2016, TrueNet no longer provides or sells data to ISPs.  However shortly after that Chorus offered to fund the measurement of Fixed Wireless connections, which require significant funding to cover the full cost of the connection

TrueNet's customers since August 2016 include:

  • The NZ Commerce Commission

  • Chorus

Our independence is critical, and we continue to demonstrate that with our monthly reports, providing best and worst results independent of the customer status of ISPs.

To ensure we remain independent we do not recommend any ISP.  

Who is TrueNet?

Key people

John Butt - Broadband performance expert

John Butt is a consultant in the telecommunications field, having been a marketing and engineering senior executive in both Telecom NZ(now Chorus) and Callplus(Now Vocus), NZ's third biggest ISP.  John, a telecommunications engineer by training, has long been involved in broadband marketing, supply, analysis and reporting.  John also runs Jonette Consulting

John has a deep knowledge of the issues that affect broadband performance, and is passionate about seeing businesses and consumers receive the best broadband service possible.   Contact John on +64 21 661 300

Mike O'Connor, owner Catalyst (partner in TrueNet)

Catalyst is NZ's largest open source technology specialists with more than 180 staff in NZ, Australia and the UK.  Catalyst are both a business and technology focused organisation.  Amongst other things, Catalyst designed, developed and hosts the .nz Registry System, NZ's DNS infrastructure, tab.co.nz, the majority of NZ's online news, NZ's electoral roll, and hundreds of other internet based sites and applications.  They also provide the software that manages NZ's general election process.

Contact Mike O'Connor on +64 21 575797

Andrew Ruthven, CTO

I'm a geek that is a problem solver.

Specialties:IPv6, DNSSEC, Internet Security, Perl, Open Source, Debian, PUA, ENUM, UCI, Technology, VoIP, OpenOffice.org, PostgreSQL, ITCP

Developer of the TrueNet database and query tools

Walter Smith, Analyst

Walter completes the analysis of performance every month in coordination with John.  He is a network engineer with considerable expertise in statistical analysis.

Riot Aquins, Panelist Manager

If you are a panelist, Riot is your first point of contact.  Riot is specialises in Drupal website use AND our database, where he manages to maintain our panelist details so that we match them to our regular results correctly.  Call Riot on +64 21 153 3982

Annette Begg and Nikkie German

Our accounts, marketing, report writing and some webpage management are in their hands

Where is TrueNet?

Unit 4, 3 Britannia St




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