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Tuesday, April 15, 2014
TrueNet Drives ISP Competition in NZ Since TrueNet began operations in 2010, the focus on publishing Speed by Time of Day (ToD) performance has driven NZ ISPs to compete.  This is not the case in the USA, or the UK where similar measurements over a longer period have not resulted in improvements in performance such as those achieved in NZ.   The result of increased competition shows that not only have all major ISPs improved dramatically, but the top 8 in NZ are significantly better than the top 8 in either the UK, or the USA.
Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Vodafone Cable Speed Matches Fibre A significant improvement in Vodafone Cable file download speeds, and Time of Day performance sees Cable speeds matching high speed Fibre. TrueNet's Live Webpage download tests show Orcon Fibre to be the quickest browsing product. They have held the lead since September 2013.  Over a similar period Snap ADSL Testpage downloads have dropped significantly from best in November to second worst this month. TrueNet introduces regular File Upload tests for the first time with Fibre 100Mb/50Mb showing Upload speeds far superior to any other ISP service.
Wednesday, February 26, 2014
ISPs Show Superior Speed in the  New Year Since January 2013, TrueNet's Time of Day speed comparisons across all ISPs have improved markedly - from 90% of maximum speed, to over 95% by  January 2014. In TrueNet's International Test webpage download comparison, Vodafone Cable maintains its top spot closely followed by Orcon Fibre. 

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