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Wednesday, February 25, 2015
TrueNet Tests Surprise - ADSL Broadband Speed is More Consistent TrueNet Broadband speed tests show surprising improvements in the consistency of ADSL performance in our third year of publishing results.  What appeared to be excellent consistency of speed in December 2013, would now be uncompetitive. TrueNet’s quarterly report on Local Fibre Companies (LFC) shows some degradation in speed since the last report in October 2014.
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Funded by the Commerce Commission
Vodafone Tops International Speed Test ISPs are increasingly raising their performance across many of the regular TrueNet test measurements.   The exceptions include, ADSL & VDSL File Download speeds from the USA (Dallas) where Vodafone is well ahead of the rest, and the range of Latency results in this report. The Quarterly Latency report shows Vodafone and Spark are best in Fibre, Snap and Vodafone in VDSL; while in ADSL the smaller ISPs of Flip, Bigpipe and Snap are all best by a large margin.  Domain Name Server reponse times (DNS) continue to be dominated by Snap, first in every region. Australian ISPs have consistently poor performances in the webpage download categories, as well as in latency tests, even from sites in Australia.
Monday, December 22, 2014
RBI Investment Starts Major Rural BB Improvement The NZ government's Rural Broadband Initiative is slowly reducing the difference between Urban and Rural broadband by funding upgrades to rural copper services with minimum speed targets of 86% getting 5Mb/s or more. TrueNet's quarterly Rural Broadband report shows a big mismatch between standard rural and urban ADSL. In November, Panelists with Rural ADSL took twice as long to load our group of Live Webpages compared to Urban ADSL Panelists.

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