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Thursday, April 23, 2015
TV Streaming Impacts ISP Performance? The market for television and movies on the Internet (Over-the-Top-Technology, or OTT) suddenly took off this year, and March appears to be the month that demand started to impact supply.     While Most ISPs would have increased capacity to prepare for the extra demand, it would appear the balance of supply and demand we have seen for many months is no longer present.  In March, both Vodafone and Slingshot had severe DSL performance reductions during the peak demand hours of 8pm to 10pm, while Snap and Spark also dropped significantly.    
Friday, March 20, 2015
Rural Broadband - the Poor Country Cousin The Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI) funded by Government is having an immense impact, halving download times for upgraded connections, but still not as good as urban broadband. Older rural ADSL connections take more than twice as long to load webpages than RBI upgraded connections, and approaching 3 times that of Urban services.  
Wednesday, February 25, 2015
TrueNet Tests Surprise - ADSL Broadband Speed is More Consistent TrueNet Broadband speed tests show surprising improvements in the consistency of ADSL performance in our third year of publishing results.  What appeared to be excellent consistency of speed in December 2013, would now be uncompetitive. TrueNet’s quarterly report on Local Fibre Companies (LFC) shows some degradation in speed since the last report in October 2014.

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